Monday, November 16, 2015

Today I cannot...

I cannot create pretty things. Yesterday and the day before, I couldn't even think about pretty things. Friday night was all about ugly, dark things.
I wasn't there. I was up all night listening and watching every bit of information. I got friends living in the same street, or just near by. I did ask and wait to know if they were safe. But I wasn't there. I did follow every steps, from insider's twits to outsider's video. But I wasn't there to hear the shootings, the screams, the tears.
So why I am crying ? I'm safe, my friends are safe. Am I ?
Politicians, journalists, they say "don't be afraid". Why ? It is scary. I am afraid. Not for me or my family. I'm afraid because anywhere, someone can decide to kill, anybody. Not a precise target, with a real political impact. Anybody. Numerous anybody.
So I am afraid. It's not the first time. It will not be the last. But I will go over it. And the whole country will be over the fear. Because those who know the fear can control it and act. It's not about fear, it's about courage.
I will probably cry some more. I will not hide my tears. And I will not speak about them. They're mine. But I will share an art journal page I made today. It's not pretty. It's my way of remember November 13th.

Tears, blood, and tainted innocence.

Ps : mists and paints by Tattered Angels


  1. Your words say how many of us the world over feel. We are all with you in our hearts and our prayers.
    These people are cowards and they will not win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be safe

  2. Your page is amazing and your words are so poignant. Thank you for sharing and for being so brave in sharing. I live in the UK and watched in horror on Saturday morning what had happened. Thank you again for sharing

  3. Thank you for putting this art journal page out there. It seems like exactly the right thing to do. I hope that we can somehow make this a better world so we don't have endure these tragedies.