Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stenciled paper lantern

Hello !

Life is taking over sadness and fear here in France, and I have to prepare for my 30 days of... before Christmas. You will discover what the 30 things are next week on Wednesday, but I can already say there will be prizes... 

To wait until then, I will share with you my new project, a paper lantern !

 I do not have a tutorial for this project, because it's super easy to create. All you have to do is take a sheet from a 16x20 stack (DCWV), your cutter, a score tool and a 12x12 stencil (I used a Prima Marketing one).
First you need to cut your paper into a 19,5"x16" rectangle, and to score your paper at 1/2", 5 1/4", 10", and 14 3/4" in the length. Score at 13 1/2" in the width. Here is a drawing of what you will have to cut and score :

With a pencil, draw a rectangle in each section (4,75x13,5) with a 1/2" border. Using your stencil, draw the pattern inside these rectangle. Cut out the pattern within the rectangle limits. 
Once the cutting is done, fold your lantern along the dotted lines, and adhere the 1/2" side with Scor-Tape to the other side. You can now adhere the bottom. I added a ribbon on the top and bottom, and use a small LED garland to light the lantern. Et voila !

You can use the design you like and make the kind of lantern with any size of paper you want to. Just remember, the more detailed the stencil is, the more time you will to spend to cut... (I know...I choose a very detailed one...).

Give it a try, it's fun and easy !

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