Tuesday, February 27, 2018

How do I organize my ribbons ?

Hello there !

Some of you may know, I moved often from one country to another. I have a huge stash, and not always the same size of room to store it. During the years, I have tried different ways of storing for different materials. But today, I want to talk to you about my ribbons storage organization !

I have tried storing ribbons and laces spools on sticks, sorted on several drawers, or in clear boxes per colors... to finally have them on a big crate since my last moving several months ago...

I finally found THE good way of storing them ! I found two big clear boxes with removable trays (washi tape storage box in fact) and started working on ribbon cards to organize everything...
I did mesure the inside of the compartimented tray and created the ribbon card out of white foamboard.

Here is the design and measurements I came up with :

As I wanted to know the brand of each ribbon or lace I own, I just write it on the side of the card.
And look at this stunningly organized collection of ribbons and laces !

I sort them by colors, and need two boxes. I have some room left and that's good, because I won't stop buying laces anytime soon...

I'm so proud of me ! I still have few huge rolls that doesn't fit anywhere, but almost all my collection is organized ! And it was about time, because I'm moving again in few weeks... As these clear boxes has a closing top, it's perfect for moving purpose... 

I hope this post will inspire you to get those ribbons organized ! Thank you for stopping by, I hope to see you very soon for another project !
Have a great day...


  1. Fantastic ribbon storage! So neat and organized and pretty!!!! Good luck on your move...again!

    1. Thank you Jennifer ! So many other things to sort...

  2. What a great idea. Wish there was a die to cut all those spools. I might try this. My ribbons look like the before. Thanks

    1. I think Sizzix had one for a ribbon spool, but with round edges. Anyway, dies cannot cut the foamboard...