Monday, February 12, 2018

Birthday card for the Save the crafty YouTuber video hop

Hi there !

It's a special post today. I have a card and a video tutorial, but tht's not all of it...

If you're not a YouTuber, you may not know it, but YouTube has changed the rules for earning money with videos. Do you think you're not concerned because you are only watching videos ? You're maybe wrong. Many of the crafty YouTubers would not meet the new requirements and will not be able to earn money for their hours of works from shooting while crafting, editing and sharing videos on social medias. If they don't earn money, they will not have cash to spend on new crafty things, or time to spend on new videos... So for you, it will be less to watch. Only channels with 1K followers and 4K of watched hours will monetize their videos. You will be left with few still capable to spend time and money on this...

So Justine Hovey came up with an idea... She gathered a whole bunch of sponsors AND Youtubers to create the "Save the crafty YouTuber video hop" !

This video hop is so huge we have 120 prizes to give ! Look at all the sponsor we've got !

In every videos you will have the chances to win ink pads from Catherine Cooler !

How do this work ? Super easy. You can start by watching my video on YouTube, left a comment (please add USA or International in it), and then go to the next video (you will find the link in the video description) ! The more you watch and comment, the more chances you will have to win ! There will be two prizes by video and random prizes too !

How incredible is that ? Support crafty YouTubers and try to win some goodies ! Go watch my video there (don't forget to subscrire to my channel, that would encourage me too...) :

Thank you for time, have fun with this giveaway. I hope to see you soon, both on my blog and my YouTube channel !

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