Thursday, November 8, 2012

Times fly...

I was enjoying a nice walk with my dog today, thinking about the past years where I used to walk with my daughters when they weren't at school yet, and I realized it's been 7 years since I had a week morning walk in a park with one of my girls. They are far from toddler's days now, and I miss this time. When they don't ask why we have to walk with no purpose in mind, and no Ipod in hand (this one is for my oldest).
So for now, I will just remember these days, and I have the perfect canvas for that (sorry, I don't know why the picture is on the wrong side).

My youngest daughter is about 14 months old in the picture, and she was just happy to walk with her mommy (yeah, that's me).
I painted the canvas in gold, then stamped blue leaves on it. I found the burgundy laces at a garage sale in France, and it's a perfect match for the pic. You can also see some Prima blue flower, and alphabet stickers from Sticko. I cherish this picture. I will think about it during my day to cheer me up.

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