Monday, November 26, 2012

Renaissance festival

We had a crazy Sunday. After a late departure, a traffic jam in small town called Magnolia (2 roads) for one hour and half, we arrived at the Renaissance Festival. Even if lived almost 9 years in all at Houston, it was the first time we've been there. It was huge !
It's like a little Old European like town. The population is not quite near Renaissance style, but fun to look at :

It' more like a strange shopping mall in a forest. You can find costumes, swords, perfums in bottle glass made in front of you. You can have your face painted or your ears changed in elf's ears. Eat and drink.

And you can have entertainment too...

The worst part was to quit the place : 90mn to live the parking lot, 90mn to drive to home using small country road to avoid traffic.
Another thing to check on my to-do-in-Houston list.

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