Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pound cake eater Barbie

I was @ Starbucks in the afternoon with one of my daughter, in line to buy a snack before swimming lesson, and I was asking my little one what she wants to eat. She answers me loudly (I think everyone in the store ear it) : marble pound cake ! Not much to wait, only one woman before us, and the last piece will be for her.
And, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, this "Barbie with Vuitton" chick order it ! Argggh ! The skinny heartless (fake) blond head didn't hesitate a second. I hope it went straight to her hips ! Luckily, they still have some cake pops and my daughter didn't regret too much her cake. But, come on Barbie, don't take the cake out of children's mouth !

Anyway, I have a great surprise when I came home later. My Blitsy order was there ! I was so happy I went directly to my scraproom after dinner and start a new project with the Tim Holtz stamp I told you about before. It's turning great, and I'm thinking about a new workshop to share it.

I hope you a crafty night...

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