Wednesday, June 29, 2016

DCWV prize goes to charity !

Hello crafters !

Do you remember last month when DCWV organize swag bag hunts ? I did participate in one in the South of France... Just as a reminder of what DCWV and other partners offered :

It was a huge prize but nobody came to claim it ! So I ask if the prize could be use for charity, and DCWV totally agreed with this idea ! What a great company !

Yesterday I went North (no, not North of France, North of Avignon !) to meet the lovely Najoua, co-manager of the ASH Pasteur association in Le Pontet, to give her this fantastic prize.
ASH Pasteur in a small association with a very tight budget, working with children to explore arts and crafts.

I have no doubt this prize will be put in good use during the summer... Except for the snickers bar... My kids could not resist and ate it. Sorry...

Thanks again DCWV for making this happen !

See you soon...

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