Monday, September 22, 2014

A Bella Blvd Fall card

Hi everyone !

We are in Fall now... Yesterday, I cleaned out and stored our above-the-ground pool, and started putting leaves into trash bags. First signs of changing season.

So today is prefect to present you a Fall card I made with the Finally Fall collection (Bella Blvd) :

We will not have pumpkin pickin' here, but I sure will use them to cook delicious soups and oven-bake recipes...

What will you do on your first day of Fall ? 


  1. Beautiful fall card, Valerie! I love all of the word/sticker strips along the right side. Our first day of fall is windy, windy, windy and rainy. We went apple picking last weekend though and have already made a batch of applesauce. I may make an apple cake today.

    1. I so love fruit picking ! Can you send me a piece of this cake ?

  2. So cute! Love the design!!
    We had quite the rain storm overnight, so we're starting off with power outages around town (not us tho). Otherwise its business as usual, our leaves started changing colors a few weeks ago.

  3. Very pretty! Great design!!! :) Evie

  4. we are showing signs of fall coming too. can't wait. Love seeing fall creations everywhere. Love the card!!!