Sunday, June 2, 2013

My first US paper publication !

Last November, I was Lucky enough to see my mini album picked for publication by Northridge Publishing. I was being to see it on paper only in April, and I am now allowed to show you what was picked...

It's a laminated mini that I made out of K&Company paper, my Cricut Expression with the Ornemental Iron cartridge and my laminator. Sorry for the bad pictures of it, I didn't have it back yet to take new better ones... Or you can just take a look at the Cricut Mini Albums Idea Book 2013 !

"Dans mon jardin secret" means " in my secret garden"

"the pretty flowers..." .... "are well watered"

"with a lot of love" ..... "we have made beautiful plants out of them"
In French, the idea is that my little flowers have growned up and are big beautiful girls now.

 I added very few embellishments to this album because the gates were so beautiful by themselves... Die-cuts by K&Company, some Prima Marketing flowers, and ribbons. The rest are handcut images from the papers.
I can't wait to receive my album back. It usually stand on my desk, and I was not able to look at it for more than 6 months now...
I hope you like it.