Thursday, September 21, 2017

Create an Art Book with Art Anthology

Hello !

I know I didn't catch up with my usual craft production... I'm still in a temporary housing, with only 1/10 of my craft stash, BUT anyway I do have my Art Anthology products now, so I was able to create a new project for their blog !

What did I create this time ? A huge project, it took me a while because with no place inside the appartment and no good light, I had to pack my stuff each time I wanted to work, go to a conference inside the building, start working and stop oftenly because my camera's batteries is weak and I had to charge it (and then go back to the appartment, and so on...)

So, what is the project ? An art book. Not the kind you buy and alter. The one you BUILD ! From the inside page, to the covers and the binding ! Yep. Take a look :

One of the inside pages :

I did the binding with new and old toys :

Go to the Art Anthology blog to see more pictures and have details on this project. You can also watch my video tutorial on this post :

Thank you for your time ; it's motivating knowing you will visit my blog to look at my project... Don't forget to enter my 100,000 pageviews giveaway, you could win a $20 gift certificate to spend on ! Follow my blog and comment on the post to enter before the end of this month.

See you soon...

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