Thursday, September 15, 2016

DCWV hardcover mini album with string binding

The DIY project mini album stack by DCWV contain everything you need to create an ring binding scrapbook very quickly. But when I saw some of the pages, I immediately thought of making a smaller album because some of the sheet can be cut in half to decorate the mini. So instead of cutting them, I folded them ! And by doing that, I did think about string binding instead of ring binding, but this need a hardcover for the album... So... I made one with cardboard and masking tape !
The gold paper makes a beautiful reinforcement... To match it I use a gold string for binding.

The cute charms by Blue Moon Beads are the perfect accents for this album !

Let's take a look inside... On the first page, I adhere the tracing paper with the string to mask the glue.

I folded a transparency in half and bind it with with mint stripes paper. Love this combo !

Many beautiful pages and possibilities... I have papers, stickers and embellishments left from the stack to fill this album...

Another transparency folded :

I didn't show you all the pages but this album contains 14 pages to be filled ! And I only use one stack to create it beside the cardboard ! 
You can find this DCWV Project stack - mini album (as well as other projects) at Michaels. I did play with the mini envelope too (see my Instagram picture here).

Thank you for reading this post. I will try to do a video about string binding soon if you are interested...
See you soon !

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