Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stateside collection travel book with DCWV

Hi crafters from the world !

Today is all about my traveling into the States, apart from my life in Texas few years ago. I did travel a little bit, sometimes by plane, sometimes by car, even by RV once ! 
I made an album, not with all the pictures taken during these trips (too many to count), but with those I liked the most in the different places I visited. And it's not a complete album either because I will (or I hope I will) be traveling in the USA again in the future. 

For this travel book, I use the 6"x 8" Stateside travel journal by DCWV, with other products from this collection, as postcards, sentiment stack, pin and stickers set, die cut tag stack, cork word stickers, and stamp stickers.

Love, love, love these cork stickers ! And the small pins look like the ones from google map, that's really cute !

Can you guess the towns on the map ? Let me help you...From left to right : Anaheim CA, Las Vegas NV, San Antonio TX, Galveston TX, New Orleans LA, New York NY, Toronto ON

The travel journal comes with premade pockets, where you can slip whatever you want. Above I put a postcard, and below some tags.

Here again the cork sticker... and you probably recognize this picture of me from some of my profiles(love this picture, my daughter took it in Vegas). I added washi tape from the journal kit on the picture on the right.

Grand Canyon, Joshua trees on the Highway 40 (near Lake Havasu), and balconies in New Orleans...

Some around the edges journaling with outlined cork stickers...

I cut the black and white designs from a sentiment sheet, it really pop from the black this way.

I need to complete this book, so I 've got several options to do so :
1- I live again in Houston and travel from here in the US
2- I become a famous designer and a company hire me in the US
3- You love my work so much that you invite me for a workshop in the US.

Which one it's gonna be ?

See you soon... (I will probably not have the answer next time)

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