Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday at CHA

There will be no part two for Sunday, because I spent the day on the DCWV booth, helping with the make-n-takes, so I did not saw a lot of the floor...

So this morning I had a very interesting meeting about the CHA Designer Section, where I learned a lot about the opportunities and benefits of being a CHA designer. I think I will try to apply for next year, and finally expand what's gonna be my business as a designer...
The funny part was the end of the meeting, where took place a drawing, and where I won a gift.... donated by Canvas Corp Brands ! How funny is that (remember, I on the CCB DT...) ?

I just had to time to change T-shirt before going to the DCWV booth (#573), where I help with the two make-n-takes : a cute crystal necklace and crepe paper flower.
Look what I did for my two daughters in less than two minutes :

I did take a short break and found this manufacturer (Uchi's Design) with very cute punches. They can cut and emboss in the same time and I loved the design ! They have beautiful foxes, heart, flower, star... It may not show on this picture, but you could really see the 3D effect :

At the end of the day, I stop by the Designer booth and saw beautiful projects : 

You can recognize Rita Barakat style in the second picture...
And I met a lovely French speaking Canadian lady  (Marjolaine Walker) who made great stencils :

I met also the sweet Terri Kolte (and forgot to take pictures of her work). I will probably see her tomorrow morning, as she's having a make-n-take at 11AM.

To finish, I found a French stamp manufacturer on the CHA floor ! It's Carabelle Studio. They have great and original designs, and I hope I can work with them in a near future...

OK ! I'm done for today. It's 5:30PM, not sure if I have enough courage to find food for diner or if I will just lay down until tomorrow...

Have a good night yourself !

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