Thursday, February 13, 2014

New York in bloom ?

I know what you're thinking...This lady's skull probably meet at high speed the concrete floor. Or fever has taken over her mind... Nope. It's just the title of my layout. Come on ! It's a scrapbook blog ! What do you think it will be !

Last year I was in NY for few days with my daughters and we rent an apartment on the 28th with a friend coming from France. She's one of my oldest and dearest friend, and she's kind enough to meet me anywhere on the globe. So this time, it was NY, in Spring. The place was not really blooming, but my heart was for being with her, and we had a wonderful time there. So even if Central park was muddy and the town grayish, I wanted this layout to be warm and full of flowers.

I used papers from the Cherry Blossom collection by Recollections, cut out all the blooming branches from one sheet and draw the umbrella on another. I also cut out the frame with the bird. Sticko for the title.

This picture was taken inside the revolving restaurant "The View"on Broadway. We had desserts buffet for dinner...My daughter took the picture. She's not bad with a camera, I'm thinking Polaroid for her birthday...

Wish you a nice and warm day !


  1. So pretty, Valerie! Makes me feel as if spring will eventually arrive. :)

  2. I love this layout! The detail work with the cut outs certainly pays off. Did you add white ink behind some of the branches and flowers, or is that just the paper? Great job!

  3. Thanks girls ! Renee, the paper already had this white.