Monday, September 23, 2013

Aberdeenshire under the sun

That's incredible. We had a full week end of sunshine AND warm weather !
As every times it's not raining, I did drag my children out and forced them to walk ! What a bad mother I make...
This time, we went to the East Aquhorthies Stone Cirle. Yeah ! a REAL stone circle, exactly like in Rebel movie ! well, not exactly, because, first, it's a REAL one and second, it's an really old one. But still pretty amazing !

It's probably 5000 years old, very spiritual and beautiful place to go. So, if you're in Aberdeenshire, don't miss the opportunity to take a look at it. Beside, they're an amazing view and you could have a great walk into the woods behind.

Hope you had a great week end too...


  1. Oh you bad mommy..a little fresh air and exercise what's wrong with you. ;-). Love the photos..looks like a very beautiful place.

  2. I love when you share photos of places I will probably never get to visit!