Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday at Scrapbook Expo

I was up early this morning for two reasons : the first one was I had a bad night at the hotel with an loud AC/heater, the second because I wanted to be at 8am at the Expo to obtain my Golden Ticket. With this ticket you could win a big prize, and you could choose which one. I got my eyes on a $100 voucher at "it's cheaper than therapy" booth. At 9:30, a class about how to color with the Noir Spectrum alcohol markers ; at 11am, a class to do an Melissa Frances envelope book.

But before tell you all about these classes, let me show you few pictures of the convention's place. It's a super nice hotel and convention center.

view of the entrance of the hotel

a nice and huge patio inside

the carpet, only in Texas...
So about the classes. The Noir spectrum marker are nice, and I love the result of the coloring, but few things hold me back to buy some. First, you cannot buy them by unit. And a package contain only different shades of one color. Another thing, you have to be very careful when working with them, because the color can get through the paper. But the blending is nice. I will show you the result tomorrow.
Beside all of this, I think the class is too expensive compare to what they offer and teach.
Now for the envelope book. It's a super cute kit, with more than necessary products to complete the book, but 2 hours are not sufficient, and we all have to leave the class without even a mounted book. I think it worth the expense anyway. For this album, you will need to wait longer to see it, because I want to work on it before sharing it.
So, after the classes, I did go take a look at the winner list, and I wasn't on it :(. The expo was crowed, so I decide to not buying anything else and go back to Houston (4h driving). I can find everything on line anyway.
Now I'm back home, and I will take some times to share my projects with you tomorrow.
Good night...


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